The End of the World in Viking Runecraft Slots

For Play’n GO’s Viking Runecraft Apocalypse, players should don a horned helmet, hone their preferred axe, or otherwise prepare themselves for the end of the world. The slot game Viking Runecraft Apocalypse features elaborate graphics characteristic of the genre and is rife with references to Norse mythology. Features like Spirit Wilds, Gift of the Gods, Loki’s Mischief, Power of the Aesir, Aftershock, and the Ragnarok Free Spin are delivered in a snowy setting with characters that refuse to take any nonsense.

Viking Runecraft Apocalypse takes place in the mountains, so stock up on furs before you play; a puffing giant watches over the action from behind a semi-transparent game grid. Perhaps “ominous” is too weak a term to describe him. Perhaps “Ferocious” is more apt, as he helps create the mood for a “take no prisoners” slot with lots of pyrotechnics to draw attention to winning combinations and bonus bonuses. Depending on the score, heroes like Thor, who brandishes his hammer Mjolnir and occasionally summons lightning, stand off to the side of the grid. Intrigued by Norse customs? Thematically, Viking Runecraft Apocalypse is likely to be appealing to you.

A cluster-paying grid slot, Viking Runecraft Apocalypse is played on a 7×7 matrix with 49 different symbols. To form a winning combination, at least five identical symbols must fall onto the grid in adjacent vertical or horizontal positions. When a cluster is a winner, it is taken from the board, and symbols fall down to fill the gaps. The volatility of the game is somewhere in the middle to high range, and players may choose from a stake of 5 p/c to £/€100 every drop.

The 9 normal payouts in Viking Runecraft Apocalypse are represented by 5 runic lows, 1 horn, 1 skull, 1 hammer, and 1 symbol that looks like a sword. The payout for a cluster of 5 symbols is between 0.2 and 4 times the wager, while the payout for a cluster of 20 or more symbols is between 8 and 500 times the wager. The Spirit Wilds in this game fill the voids left on the reels when a winning cluster has been eliminated. Spirit Wilds can be utilized in place of any regular pay symbol to complete winning combinations.

Slot Functions of the End of the World in Viking Runecraft

When you gather four Spirit Wild symbols, one of the Gift of the Gods bonuses will be activated at random. This includes:

Odin’s Strike — makes 3 nearby cells wild.

Two to four sets of wild cards are generated by Freya’s magic.

Inflicts 6–10 Wilds with the help of Thor’s Thunder.

The Heimdall’s Vision ability makes anywhere from two to four diagonal wild pairings.

Chaos Caused by Loki

There is a chance that Loki’s Mischief will activate on a losing cascade. When Loki is awakened, he generates 5–8 hidden symbols, each of which reveals a different kind of pay sign.

The Aesir’s Might

The Runic Charge gauge also records successful symbols. When you collect 35 of them, a random bonus is unlocked:

Screech of a Trumpet alters or destroys symbols in a radius of three.

The power of Folkvang improves a single symbol type.

The Mjolnir Strike will destroy and change the appearance of 6-10 symbols at random.

The emblems for several weapons are converted into a single Heaven’s Spear.


Selected symbols are linked by adjusting the symbols in their in-between spaces. If you are five symbols away from activating the Ragnarok Free Spin, this feature may activate.

One Spin at Ragnarök’s Expense

When you get 65 matching symbols, Ragnarok Free Spins begin. Furthermore, the multiplier can be increased by a maximum of x10 for certain symbols. The Power of Aesir characteristics are activated one after another throughout this spin. In addition, at the conclusion of the free spin, players can win up to 20 Spirit Wilds.

Conclusion on Slots in the End of Viking Runecraft

Every once in a while, a game comes along that demonstrates why a specific subject has become so widespread in the world of online slots. Like many other games, Viking Runecraft Apocalypse shamelessly uses tropes from other games, but it does it in a fun and engaging way. The fact that Play’n GO went all out with the subject, making an exciting gaming world and filled it with towering characters of Norse religion, is a credit to the company’s skill and innovation. The game grid comes to life and the area surrounding and behind it comes to life thanks to the constant firing of animations and effects.

The presence of several appealing visual effects is cause for optimism, as this usually indicates a robust gaming community. In many cases, this was a streak of gathering Spirit Wilds and winning symbols, which in turn fed the appropriate meters. When the collecting process is working well, one of the various modifiers might trigger, resulting in a visually noticeable impact. To create a style of gameplay that can sort of feed off of itself when things are going well, most of the change is around crazy additions or symbol removal. Later on, if everything culminates in the Ragnarok Free Spin, then things are going swimmingly.

Although one last spin of Viking Runecraft Apocalypse’s capstone feature may not seem like much, it may be worth as much as 10,000 times the initial wager, much like a stroke of Thor’s great hammer Mjolnir. Play’n GO also has experience making slots with a steadily rising tension level. One such show is Lordi Reel Monsters, however there are plenty of others to choose from, such as Reactoonz. Overall, Viking Runecraft Apocalypse impressed as a well-polished cluster pays slot with a presentation that’s every bit as engaging as the game itself.

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